Frenchie stands out as a flamboyant and eccentric aristocrat among the Citadel's upper echelons, embodying the paradox of opulence and indifference in the midst of societal turmoil. With a penchant for lavish parties and an aesthetic that blends the decadent with the futuristic, Frenchie's life is a continuous display of excess and artistry. Despite being deeply entrenched in the Citadel's elite, Frenchie maintains a peculiar detachment from the political machinations and struggles that define the city-state. This apathy towards the ongoing conflict between the Red Queen's regime and the burgeoning rebellion is not born of ignorance but rather a deliberate choice to remain aloof, finding solace in the beauty and pleasures life within the walls has to offer.

Frenchie's influence and resources could sway the balance of power significantly, yet this potential remains untapped, locked away by a personal philosophy that prioritizes individual joy and creativity over collective struggles. However, beneath this veneer of disinterest lies a keen observer of human nature and the dynamics that govern the Citadel. Frenchie's interactions with various figures from all walks of life provide a unique perspective on the unfolding drama, making this aristocrat a wildcard in the complex tapestry of the city's social hierarchy.

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