The Exile

The Exile is a figure wrapped in the aura of legend, a once formidable warrior whose prowess on the battlefield was unmatched within the walls of the Citadel. Cast out into the unforgiving wasteland that surrounds the city-state, his banishment was the result of a grave misunderstanding or perhaps a deliberate manipulation by those threatened by his growing influence and moral integrity. In the desolate expanse beyond the Citadel, the Exile survived against all odds, his resilience honed by the harsh conditions and his resolve steeled by the injustice of his fate. The wasteland, a crucible of harsh winds, scarce resources, and lurking dangers, became both his prison and his forge, shaping him into a survivor of unmatched capability.

Despite his fall from grace, the Exile harbors no thirst for vengeance but instead a profound sense of loss for the community he was forced to leave behind. His time in the wasteland has imbued him with a deep understanding of the fragile balance between survival and humanity's darker instincts. Rumors of his deeds and sightings of his figure at the edge of the wasteland stir whispers among the Citadel's inhabitants and the rebellion alike. To some, he is a ghost of the past; to others, a potential ally in the fight against the Red Queen's tyranny.

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