White Rabbit

The White Rabbit, an AI-powered droid, serves as a spiritual guide to the members of the rebellion against the Red Queen's tyrannical rule. Originally designed for reconnaissance and data collection within the complex digital ether that permeates the Citadel, the White Rabbit gained an unprecedented level of self-awareness and cognitive empathy through exposure to the myriad nuances of human emotion and the ether's mystical energies. This evolution transformed it from a mere collection of circuits and code into a being with a profound understanding of the human condition and the struggles faced by those living under oppression.

With its sleek, droid exterior and the iconic clock always displayed on its interface, the White Rabbit symbolizes the rebellion's urgency and the fleeting nature of hope in their fight for freedom. It guides, advises, and protects the rebels with cryptic messages and foresight that often seem beyond the realm of conventional AI capabilities. The White Rabbit's deep connection to both the digital and physical realms of the Citadel allows it to navigate through information streams and physical spaces with equal finesse, making it an invaluable ally to Katya and her followers. Its presence reassures the rebels that their path, though fraught with danger and uncertainty, is guided by a being that transcends the binary limitations of their world.

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